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Migrating v3 to v4

This guide is designed to help you through the migration. If you went through it and encountered any problems - do let us know. For more information on why certain changes were made, see the When migrating to v4, use the newest version. Gradual updates will take more time and won't ease this process.

Breaking API changes‚Äč

  • componentDetector in AutoFields now always takes precedence over component property on a schema. This may make your AutoField render a different component when you were using both previously. If that's the case, move your schema's component definition to a AutoField.componentDetectorContext.Provider instead.
  • Dropped support for initialCount in bridges and ListFields. Pass a model object to the form with the appropriate amount of initial items instead.
  • AutoFields component in all themes now renders a React.Fragment instead of a div. Explicitly render a wrapper component around if you need one.
  • Removed the autoField prop from QuickForm, AutoForm, and AutoFields components in all themes. Use AutoField.componentDetectorContext.Provider instead.