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uniformsA React library for building forms from any schema
  • support of all schemas and themes
  • instant prototyping
  • simplifies separation of concerns

Supported design libraries:

Semantic UIAnt DesignMaterial-UIBootstrap
const schema = new SimpleSchema({  firstName: { type: String },  lastName: { type: String },  country: {    type: String,    allowedValues: ['Poland', 'England'],    defaultValue: 'Poland',  },  state: {    type: String,    optional: true,  },  useThisAddressForPaymentDetails: {    type: Boolean,    defaultValue: false,  },  addressLine: { type: String },  city: { type: String },  zip: { type: String },});
export const bridge = new SimpleSchema2Bridge(schema);

Always Open Source.

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They speak about us


Wojtek Trocki

Red Hat
Team Lead

uniforms it’s one and the only library that allows you to have greater flexibility on top of the React platform to building forms you like, with great robustness with advanced support of many different forms inputs.

Serkan Durusoy

Engineering Manager

The simplicity with which one can dive into details and break a form apart into it's primitive provides the much-needed peace of mind.

Why choose us

Easy and ready
to implement solution

A set of open-source libraries capable of instantly generating any given form.

Carried out by the global community of 50+ developers.

Focused on providing a ready-to-implement solution, and effortless development experience. Keeps your code simple.

Integrations with various schemas:

  • JSON Schema
  • GraphQL
  • SimpleSchema
  • SimpleSchema2
  • And any other - only a small wrapper is needed!

Wide range of themes:

  • AntD theme
  • Bootstrap3
  • Bootstrap4
  • Bootstrap5
  • Material-UI
  • Semantic UI
  • Plain HTML
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yet powerful

  • Abbreviates form code by 51%
  • Out-of-the box built-in fields capable of rendering every schema
  • Automatic state management
  • Inline and asynchronous form validation
  • Clean-looking components while keeping extensibility and separation of concerns


  • One-line helper for creating custom fields
  • Supports all types of objects
  • Freedom of choice when defining custom fields depending on the abstraction level-schema or theme dependent approach
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If You want to know more – join us at GitHub Discussions!

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Who uses uniforms

Our package has been used in several projects worldwide. From small to the corporate business solutions and well-known enterprises. Companies trusted us in the development of both simple forms and sophisticated management systems.

with similar libraries

FeatureuniformsFormikredux-formReact Final Formreact-hook-form
Automatic form layoutsupportedunsupportedunsupportedunsupportedunsupported
Manual state managementsupportedunsupportedsupportedunsupportedsupported
Manually trigger validationsupportedsupportedunsupportedunsupportedsupported
AntD, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Bootstrap 5, Material UI, Semantic UI themessupportedunsupportedunsupportedunsupportedunsupported
JSON, GraphQL, SimpleSchema and custom schema supportsupportedunsupportedunsupportedunsupportedunsupported
Field level validationunsupportedsupportedsupportedsupportedsupported

Commercial support

Looking for more?

uniforms are and always will be free, but we can bring you extra value with additional services:

  • Consulting
  • Training and Code Reviews
  • Custom software development
  • Solutions built on top of uniforms ➤

Drag & drop form builders

  • Allow your users to build forms quickly with drag and drop
  • Build low-code platforms quickly
  • Use a trusted solution that supports heavy traffic

Custom BPM & RPA solutions

  • Model business processes unique for your industry
  • Create your workflows quickly without any problems
  • Use the best UI/UX and modern tech stack