To make use of any schema, uniforms have to create a bridge of it - a unified schema mapper. A bridge is (preferably) a subclass of Bridge, implementing static check(schema) method and these instance methods:

  • getError(name, error)
  • getErrorMessage(name, error)
  • getErrorMessages(error)
  • getField(name)
  • getInitialValue(name, props)
  • getProps(name, props)
  • getSubfields(name)
  • getType(name)
  • getValidator(options)

Currently available bridges:

  • GraphQLBridge in uniforms-bridge-graphql
  • JSONSchemaBridge in uniforms-bridge-json-schema
  • SimpleSchema2Bridge in uniforms-bridge-simple-schema-2
  • SimpleSchemaBridge in uniforms-bridge-simple-schema